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How to Make a Kickstarter Hit Game, What's Up Wednesday 005

What's up folks? It's Wednesday again, and this is what's going on at Sovereign Hart Games: Play testing with a real prototype, social media processes

What's up Wednesday?

Hey how's it going folks? here is What's up this Wednesday.

As you may have seen, we got our prototype delivered yesterday, and took the opportunity to test play with some previous testers and some new ones who hadn't seen the game at all. It was so nice to play the game with all the artwork in place, as it is meant to be played.

As with all prototypes, there are things that will need to be tweaked on the final version, but it is really thrilling to the vision we have had come to life.

This week at Sovereign Hart Games we were really focusing on and learning more about social media marketing. This will help us to reach our goal number of social followers before we launch the kickstarter campaign. We are hopeful that we can get to the number very soon, then it's on to launch the project as soon as possible.

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