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How to Make a Kickstarter Hit Game, Dev Blog 002

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

In this blog/vlog we discuss the first hand drawn prototype and scoring mechanics: Vision vs Version

How we are developing the ideas of the game.

Welcome to part 2 of the dev blog, where we will discuss the refinement of the game idea.

Last time, W showed you the really beautiful ;-) handmade prototype. Shortly after playing on that original set, we knew we needed to make another one. In the video, we show our second prototype, using poker chips for tokens, the poker tin was a great stand in for the dumpster, cheap playing cards with stickers, and handwritten order cards. Play testing showed us that we needed to double the order card sizes for ease of play. so, now we have a second prototype.

Play testing started to ramp up, with industry game designers, keen friends and family (even if they rarely play games). We cant stress enough, how important play testing is. This helps you really refine things. As an example, in our early format, we didn't realise that our scorekeeping mechanism was too complicated.

Also the play testers are full of ideas, and most are really great, but you have to pay attention to the fine line of moving away from your vision to incorporate them. Vision vs. Version. You have your Vision of the game, but not being precious of the current version (how it looks etc). Keep your vision in tact regardless of little compromises along the way. Our vision was to keep it simple, focused on food with really simple mechanics-easy play. This allows you to spend more player headspace on the really fun bits. Which ideas get you closer to the vision, and which to let go of. Keep in mind what you want to bring to life, don't be afraid to mess with your current versions. With practice, you will get there. Don't forget that criticism works the same way. Don't try to please everyone.

Key Take Aways:

  • Loads of Play Testing with a broad spectrum of people

  • Take comments/criticisms and if it targets vision leave it behind

  • Have fun with development

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