Recipe for Disaster is a card game of culinary chaos designed for 3 to 6 people who are into cooking, bluffing and sometimes breaking the rules...

It's fast, frantic, and loud, a hilarious way to watch your friends squirm.  

It was cooked up by Duncan's game design mind and spiced up by Alex's amazing art.  The game only takes a few minutes to learn, it's kid-friendly and each round takes about 10 minutes to play.

If the video above wasn't enough, here are farther highlights:

The game begins when players (chefs) scramble to collect the best ingredients to create their signature version of a dish ordered by an imaginary customer.

But you have to go quickly, before the customer changes their mind or another catastrophe happens (like getting caught by the health inspector while dumpster diving or getting rats in your kitchen).

Once "service" is called, either by revealing a bell card, or by a chef ringing the bell (included) because they feel that they have the best version of the dish, that phase of the round stops.

Then all chefs have to get their best snake-oil sales skills out to pitch their rivals why their signature dish is the top dish, and deserves the highest praise. 

After the pitch, each player gets to anonymously rate every other dish, which completes phase two of the round.

Each chef adds up the points for correct ingredients plus the number of review stars to score the round.

The winner gaining the coveted Golden Turnip, and the next round begins.

Have an enquiring mind?  Well, we have made the rulebook downloadable, as well as a picture gallery of the rules if you just don't want to print.  Rules are also available in German and Spanish on request.

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