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Just got mine yesterday!  I live on Vancouver Island for shipping reference.  It's fantastic I love the card quality it's so smooth.

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Got mine in the Netherlands yesterday and it looks awesome, great quality and artwork.  Can't wait to try it out with friends!

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Came Today, Letting friends know it's on my list of games to play when we next can.  Looking forward!  Thank you.

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I backed as a gift for 2 teens... the game arrived today and they are driving their parents nuts already as they won't stop playing!


My favourite part of this game is the dumpster  diving! I love the chaos and craziness of having to grab something last minute to complete your dish!



This is an amazing fun game for all ages!

Don't just take our word for it

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Jim Cohen from What Board Game was one of the first to get his hands on a review copy of Recipe for Disaster and "has played it non stop since"!

Particularly enjoying the dumpster diving because "who doesn’t want to search around a dumpster trying to find some tomatoes to make a pizza?"

Click the What Board Game logo if you want to sink your teeth into the full review (including a cheeky interview as a sweet cherry on the top!). Here is the full interview on our youtube channel:  What Board Game interviews Duncan about Recipe For Disaster.


How to Play Recipe for Disaster

Love the idea, but still wondering if you would love playing?  Click here to find out how to play, we have a video, visuals and even the instructions.

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