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How to Make a Kickstarter Hit Game, What's Up Wednesday 003

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

What's up folks? It's Wednesday again, and this is what's going on at Sovereign Hart Games: File Formats, ordering prototypes, dev blog and making videos.

What's up Wednesday?

Howdy folks. It's once again Wednesday and here's what up at Sovereign Hart Games.

We are still trying to get this prototype printed, as it turns out that there are a load of things we didn't know. Particularly file formats to ensure proper printing. Hopefully, buy the end of this week we will have it ordered from Make Playing Cards.

Stay Tuned for our Vlogs about our development processes. The video will be a little bit longer, but I am looking forward to showing you guys the original prototype I did, and the process we've been through to come up with the game as it is.

We have also been talking to a local ad agency about getting a professional video done so we can get our kickstarter up and running as soon as possible.

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