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Recipe For disaster


The chaotic card game to spice up game night

Has your game night
lost its flavour?

Spice up your game night with come culinary chaos!

Collect ingredients, ring the bell, present your dish, and earn Golden Turnips!

Your game night has never been so flavourful!

What our fans say

How do I play?

How to play
Orders copy.png
Strike Tokens.png

The deluxe version of Recipe for Disaster has all the bells and whistles! 

135 high quality cards, 35 large order cards, 30 review cards, 27 tokens, a die, a timer and a metal bell!

The box is so packed with flavour you'll be coming back for more!

What is in the box?

Ok... I Want one

Are you a fan of bending the truth? Are you the one that can convince your friends that your ideas are the best? Or are you a bonafide maestro at combining flavours

Make your dishes a delight or a dogs dinner

But at least the art looks great!

Murgh makani
Full English
Fish and chips

If you have a general disregard for food standards, the dumpster is the place for you! 

You can see all those tasty discarded ingredients, just hanging around... All it takes is 10 seconds to get that little je ne sais qois!

get outta' the dumpster ya filthy animal

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